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Stay tuned for footage of Hayley Cassidy supporting Ameriie on her UK tour!!


  • Hayley Cassidy won the UK Entertainment Award for 'Favourite Female Singer' thank you to everyone who voted. #TeamCassidy !!


  • If you missed Hayley Cassidy's sold out headline show, check out her latest #CassidyCover from the night here: www.youtube.com/watch


  • Hayley Cassidy scored a hatrick with having all 3 of her official music videos play listed on BET's 106 & Park. Peep them here >> www.youtube.com/hayleycassidyvevo


  • Hayley Cassidy's track Stripped debuted on BBC Radio 1xtra and was play listed as "Best of British" for the entire week on the breakfast show. Stripped was also played on Capital Xtra by Jade Avia as an #AviasFlava track!


Performance dates:


23.04.15 Music Is Remedy Fundraiser @ JUNO Bar, Shoreditch -  



Look out for more projects from Hayley Cassidy; including new material she is working on with an eclectic mix of producers to cook up something special Hayley Cassidy style!



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Hayley Cassidy blessings x


"...Hayley beat thousands of unsigned hopefuls..." - The BBC news.

From the tender ages of her early childhood, Hayley Cassidy was astounded by the phenomenal gift of talent that she was blessed with. Oblivious to the fact that she could sing, Hayley's gift was realised by her auntie after hearing her sing around the house so effortlessly. Music was instilled into Hayley at a very young age as she was raised around music and musicians. Her mum used to use music as a soother when Hayley was a baby as this seemed to be the tool to keep her content.

Formally known as Hayley C, Hayley Cassidy's solo career was first established within the genres of Neo Soul and R&B taking inspiration from the likes of Musiq, Angie Stone and Jill Scott to name a few. Throughout this journey Hayley penned tracks that held nothing but truth and prosperity and she shared these songs performing at a number of venues, which included the renowned Jazz Café and Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club. Hayley C's successes were never scarce as she also released her debut EP entitled 'Real Talk,' in 2009 equipped with an EP launch party, which was independently, funded. London born and raised, Ms. Cassidy genuinely stays true to her roots, having supported Alexandra Burke at a special concert in Peterhead, Edinburgh.

"The collaboration between Alexandra Burke and Hayley Cassidy is an investment by Talenthouse, into the future of music..." - Maya Bogle, Talenthouse spokesperson.

Currently unsigned, Hayley continues to accentuate musical growth demonstrated through her debut album release in January earlier this year entitled ‘Stripped’. Stripped illustrates Hayley’s musical ability which is non-generic, ever evolving and has no boundaries. Her fun, energetic and feisty persona shines through her tracks combined with her smooth sultry tone which formulates a sound between modern jazz, hip hop and soul perfectly intertwined with the unique Hayley Cassidy twist. Hayley's deep and meaningful lyrics continue to bellow through her music while her unusual yet infectious adlibs coincide effortlessly.

Her lyrics are nothing short of real as she touches on life experiences from relationships to every day happenings accompanied by her message:

"It can happen to all of us...no one is perfect, no one is exempt...we are all humans with human emotions and situations." - Hayley Cassidy

Hayley hopes to show people that they are not alone as music is a beautiful tool in life, which can touch individuals in many different ways for their own subjective reasons. Hayley has written all of her songs to date and has even taken that leap to take part in vocal arrangements. Hayley’s musical endeavours do not stop there, as earlier this year Hayley was a part of a huge industry competition; ‘New Skool Rules in conjunction with Flavour Mag.’ Hayley catapulted through the competition as she gained 2015 public votes winning her the chance to perform at one of the world’s biggest music conferences in Rotterdam in the company of a number of industry members. Hayley wowed the crowd and definitely made an imprint on the Netherlands side of Europe! Additionally to dominating a global competition Hayley also supported Miguel at London’s very own Love Dough event. Limits are like a foreign language to Ms Cassidy the sky is only the beginning.

"An amazingly talented Singer/Songwriter for our time and a gem to the UK music business!"
- UK journalist


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